Soon to be new Name Marie
Name before my master saved me McKenna
Age 14
Color Red Fawn
Bio At first glance, McKenna looks like a beautiful ballet dancer: a long body and legs that go for miles. After spending some time with her however, one would quickly realize that behind that stately facade she is a facade, she is a roly-poly puppy at heart. She stands in her crate wagging her tail, and as soon as she gets let out, she lays on the floor and turns on her back and wiggles pawing the air and thumping her tail on the ground. If anyone sits on the floor McKenna will dive into her lap, turn on her back, and wait for a tummy rub. Although she is too big to be a lap dog, this does not deter her.

This young girl is very curious and likes to check out everything in the world around her. Often she gets distracted from the task at hand by something that smells particularly interesting. When walking her up the stairs, sometimes she will pause to smell the wall, or get wrapped up in licking the water puddles. Who can blame her? Everything is just so new!

Most greyhounds don't naturally sit without some coaching, but  McKenna sits often when she gets nervous. It is really quite cute!

McKenna is an all around cooperative girl. She enjoys her crate and is content to sit and view everything around her. She has mastered going down the stairs, and is making progress on going up. She is great on lead, never pulling. McKenna is a bit timid when it comes to other dogs, and she would rather watch them from a safe distance for now. She enjoys meeting new people, but is a little timid with her affection at first. Once she warms up she is quite a cuddle bunny.